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Rank Author(s) Title Year Vol Pages Status Abstract
1Dodds S, Silvester K.The Emergency Pathway Horned Gaussian2012114Published
2Dodds S.A Study of the Relative Value of Different Time-Series Charts for Proactive Process Monitoring2012318Published
3Dodds S.A Case Study of a Successful One-Stop Clinic Schedule Design using Formal Methods 2012613Published
4Dodds S.A Study of Productivity Improvement Tactics using a Two-Stream Production System Model2012418Published
5Dodds S, Silvester K.Theatre Productivity Improvement using 6M Design2013820Published
6Jones C.Maintaining the Momentum of Medicines: A Pharmacy Service Redesign Using the A3 Problem Solving Process as a Remedy for the Ills of Patient Flow20152040Published
7Dodds S.A Case Study of Improvement in the Quality and Productivity of a Surgical Service20131111Published
8Dodds S.A Clinical Study of the Effect of Communication Process Improvement on the Outcome and Cost of Community Wound Care201227Published
9Dodds S.Community Wound Care Service Improvement Guided by a Whole System Simulation Model2012514Published
10Dodds S.A Case Study of Using Time-Series Analysis to Detect Positive Deviance2012714Published
11Wikner M.Quality Improvement in Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Total Knee Arthroplasty using 6M Design20151923Published
12Simcox J.An Information System for the Self-Managing Patient20131432Published
13Simcox J.Commissioning for Efficacious Outcomes20131513Published
14Dodds S.A Case Study of Reducing Surgical Site Infection (SSI) using a Bundle of Care Model and the Science of Improvement Method20141824Published
15Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Wildman M.Part I: Understanding The Variation in Adherence with Nebulised Treatment in Cystic Fibrosis2013910Published
16Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Wildman M.Part IV: Using Process Behaviour (XmR) Charts of I-Neb Adherence Data to Aid the “Personalisation” of a Behaviour Change Intervention20131312Published
17Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Hinchliffe C, Wildman M.Part II: Methods to Deliver a “Personalised” Behaviour Change Intervention to Support Adherence with Nebulised Treatment20131010Published
18Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Wildman M.Part III: Constructing a Process Behaviour (XmR) Chart with I-Neb Adherence Data for People with Cystic Fibrosis20131212Published
19Hoo Z, Wildman M, Curley R, Gardner B.Part VI: Delivering a "Personalised" Behaviour Change Intervention to Support Adherence with Nebulised Treatment with the "PDSA Cycle" at an Individual Level2014177Published
20Hoo Z, Wildman M, Curley R, Hinchliffe C, Gardner B.Part V: Time of Nebuliser Use and the Process of Habit Formation20141610Published

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