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Rank Author(s) Title Year Vol Pages Status Abstract
1Dodds S, Silvester K.The Emergency Pathway Horned Gaussian2012114Published
2Dodds S.A Study of the Relative Value of Different Time-Series Charts for Proactive Process Monitoring2012318Published
3Dodds S.A Case Study of a Successful One-Stop Clinic Schedule Design using Formal Methods 2012613Published
4Dodds S.A Study of Productivity Improvement Tactics using a Two-Stream Production System Model2012418Published
5Dodds S, Silvester K.Theatre Productivity Improvement using 6M Design2013820Published
6Dodds S.A Clinical Study of the Effect of Communication Process Improvement on the Outcome and Cost of Community Wound Care201227Published
7Dodds S.A Case Study of Improvement in the Quality and Productivity of a Surgical Service20131111Published
8Dodds S.A Case Study of Using Time-Series Analysis to Detect Positive Deviance2012714Published
9Dodds S.Community Wound Care Service Improvement Guided by a Whole System Simulation Model2012514Published
10Wikner M.Quality Improvement in Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Total Knee Arthroplasty using 6M Design20151923Published
11Simcox J.An Information System for the Self-Managing Patient20131432Published
12Simcox J.Commissioning for Efficacious Outcomes20131513Published
13Dodds S.A Case Study of Reducing Surgical Site Infection (SSI) using a Bundle of Care Model and the Science of Improvement Method20141824Published
14Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Wildman M.Part I: Understanding The Variation in Adherence with Nebulised Treatment in Cystic Fibrosis2013910Published
15Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Wildman M.Part IV: Using Process Behaviour (XmR) Charts of I-Neb Adherence Data to Aid the “Personalisation” of a Behaviour Change Intervention20131312Published
16Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Hinchliffe C, Wildman M.Part II: Methods to Deliver a “Personalised” Behaviour Change Intervention to Support Adherence with Nebulised Treatment20131010Published
17Hoo Z, Gardner B, Curley R, Wildman M.Part III: Constructing a Process Behaviour (XmR) Chart with I-Neb Adherence Data for People with Cystic Fibrosis20131212Published
18Hoo Z, Wildman M, Curley R, Gardner B.Part VI: Delivering a "Personalised" Behaviour Change Intervention to Support Adherence with Nebulised Treatment with the "PDSA Cycle" at an Individual Level2014177Published
19Hoo Z, Wildman M, Curley R, Hinchliffe C, Gardner B.Part V: Time of Nebuliser Use and the Process of Habit Formation20141610Published

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