Foundation Training

6M Foundations of Improvement Science in Healthcare (FISH)

FISH FISH is a blended learning programme specifically designed for improvement in healthcare.
FISH FISH is an on-line course designed to introduce the core techniques and tools of healthcare improvement.
FISH FISH leads into the ISP programme which develops the skills of improvement-by-design.
FISH FISH and ISP build experience and confidence with real improvement projects to focus the learning.

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6M Improvement Science Practitioner (ISP) One-Day Workshops

If you want to supercharge your Improvement Science learning then the new One Day Training Workshops are designed you.

After this intensive day of hands-on learning by doing you will feel confident to start to use the techniques with real improvement challenges and to get results quickly.

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The 4N Chart®

Here is a short video of Peter Kidd, a pharmacist and experienced Improvement Science Practitioner (ISP) describing how he uses a 4N Chart® and the associated Niggle-o-Gram® in his organisation.



Converts time-series data into a picture of the process.
Specifically designed for the novice user.
Provides rapid access to one of the most useful improvement tools.
Recommended by the NHS Improvement for Quality (NHSIQ).

NB: Currently only for PC-compatible computers running Windows®.

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Improvement Science Practitioner (ISP) Programme

ISP builds on FISH to develop individual, team and organisational improvement-by-design capability.

This coached programme uses a well-proven design framework called 6M Design®.

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6M Design® is a robust method for building processes and systems that deliver any feasible performance.

6M Design® is synthesis of both familiar and innovative techniques into an integrated methodology.

6M Design® can be used at all scales to improve any step, stage, stream and system.

The ISP programme is intended to support Safety, Flow, Quality and Productivity improvement projects.

The ISP programme comprises three levels of design capability that build one the other.

The ISP programme is designed to develop system-wide improvement-by-design capability.

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